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This should, perhaps, come as no surprise to me. After all, this is the week of having tons of stuff to do and not being able to get any of it done.

Today, Livejournal announced the layoff of most of its developmental staff. Rumors have flown whether it was half or two-thirds, but regardless, this looks bad. Livejournal is the site that happens to host two of three examples for my dissertation research.

Now, I’ve saved a page here or there of this stuff, but to be completely honest, I’ve been bad. Most of the conversations I’m studying are so many hundreds of pages long that if just one person deleted their journal or the comments or had their account suspended, it probably wouldn’t change what I’m going to write any. The few times I’ve tried to write bits and pieces of chapters as term papers, I’ve found myself struck by how difficult it is to wade through this stuff to find one perfect quote to fit a rhetorical situation when in all reality these ten together here do the trick! But you know, maybe ten quotes is overkill.

Honestly, if a few people got deleted, it would help me wade through the chuff.

But if all of it got deleted, I’d be fucked.

So, I’ve spent my day saving each page of comments separately. This would be easy, except for the fact that I have to expand all the comments first. I’m also not sure if I should save the stuff about fanlib and Strikethrough, as I suspect they’ll be footnotes at best, but maybe I’ll get to it after choir tonight.

The truth is this week is my week of limbo. LIMBO I TELL YOU. School starts Monday and I have no idea where I’ll be working, because my second interview for a job I’d love has yet to happen. Hell, they haven’t even called me to reschedule. So I’ve written syllabi for classes I’m not sure I’m teaching. Fun. Then I figured out I can’t write the syllabi for two classes I know I’m teaching (hush, they are independent studies and require very little time investment from me, plus I love the students, and oh hell, why am I defending myself to the blogosphere?) because the syllabus guides that I’m supposed to follow do not match the books the dean told me to use, and oh yeah, I don’t have new copies of the new editions of the books yet.

Add to this the fact that my dissertation director e-mailed me to wonder how my prospectus is coming along and when we could meet and I nearly screamed. Really, it’s not his fault, but given that I don’t know what days I’m working in less than seven, and that one way or another later this week I’ll be involved in mad syllabus writing, now is not the time to remind me that I need to finish up my prospectus. Yep, I know. But first, I have to save the research or else my dissertation will be very VERY short. Can you guess what didn’t get finished up today because I spent the day downloading html files?



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